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Malaysia Student Administration System

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TigernixSMS is a Malaysia based School Management System with  Student Administration System module that provides you a efficient database of all your students/trainee particulars. The system is flexible, user-friendly and comes with customizable reports. This system make collection of data from students easily and provide you a means to analyze the trends. The system is fast and reliable.

Student Administration System

  • Management and follow-up of registration
  • Batch management
  • Single or multiple registration
  • Assignment of trainer
  • Student details management
  • Management of invoice address, badge name, title management
  • Median of Course - English, Chinese etc
  • Sponsorship management
  • International Student Management
  • Categorize the type of registration
  • Link to reference documents like invoices,  etc.
  • Tracking of payment and invoices to student, CDAC and AMP
  • Management of Subsidy Type, amount and remarks
  • Management of PEI Details like Contract number, Date and Training Grant
  • Management of PEI - Student Contract with details like Full Name of PEI, Unique Entity Number, CPE     Registration Number, EduTrust Certificate Number.
  • Management  of fee protection like Fee Protection Status, Total Course Fee Stated In Student Contract,   Total Course Fee To Be Protected, Fee Collection Cap, Installment ID, Scheduled Payment Amount, Scheduled Payment Due Date, Escrow Unique No / Insurance Policy No, Protection Start Date, Protection End Date, Amount Received By The PEI From Student, Protection Amount, Protection Amount Received Date, Payment Acknowledgement No.
  • Management of registration termination like date, refund instructions, amount of fee refunded.
  • Generation of Student contract, admission letter, Advisory Report, Academic Transcript


  • Traceability per users on all the  documents
  • Trail audit module for control and reporting user operations


  • Detailed report on draft registration. confirmed registration
  • Registration by event type
  • Registration list


  • Integration with existing web 2.0 portal
  • Integrated with course module
  • Integration with finance module


  • Quick zoom on related links
  • Functions of 'click and relate' for easy navigation
  • Edition of services in list mode (ala Excel or OOCalc)
  • Auto-completion of fields

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Client Testimonial

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    Mr. Eric Ho (Managing Director)
    Tevo Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
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    Mr. Stefan Gisin -Technical Sales and Marketing Manager Asia Pacific,
    Alcan Alucobond, Malaysia.

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    Mr. Sherwin Tng (Chief Operations Officer)
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  • Larkspur Technology, Inc.
    Tigernix’s User Interface design is sure to help us reach a larger and broader audience for our services. The designs exceeded our expectations...More
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    ACTIV360 Pte Ltd.
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